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Hang Free

1/8 Moveable Daisy Chain Aider

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5' total length

Loops every 6"

6" wide step

4' Tag Along Line

The daisy chains loops, being 6", allow for you to pick the height you need, without having to have the stick at the correct height. Simply loop the closest daisy loop over your climbing sticks post, and climb up. The tag along line has a clip that you clip to your shirt after girth hitching it to the top loop of the aider itself. What this does is it allows for you to never have to bend down and pick the aider up. Simply grab the tag along line, give it a little lift, and the whole aider comes right to you. Although the loops are every 6", you get a selectable height closer to 3" to 4" because of how much the post of your climbing sticks use. This is one of the most versatile, lightweight, and easy to use moveable aiders and you no longer need to purchase multiple aiders for your set of sticks. 

1/8 AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 2300 LB

Note: 7/64 Aider options have a thinner vinyl tubing step then our 1/8 options that have a fuel line step. The vinyl tubing will not stay open as well as the fuel line step but it will wrap up and have a lower profile on your stick overall.