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1/4 Triad Bridge

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The Triad Bridge is one of the most popular AmSteel®-Blue bridges used amongst saddle hunters. We offer the Triad Bridge in various lengths, diameters, as well as full buried and non full buried options. These Triad Bridges are our *NON* full buried Triad Bridge options come in a 1/4 AmSteel®-Blue size. The Triad Bridge offers length adjustments on both sides as well as adjustments to where the pressure on the saddle is being applied. This pressure is adjusted via the prusiks on the saddle loops. There are various videos on our Instagram and YouTube that show how to tie the schwabisch hitch. It's super simple and takes no time at all.

*Full Buried Triad Bridges are available in the Bridge collection separately from this listing.

Length options available.

1/4 AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 7700 LB