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Tied Friction Hitches

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Our Tied Friction Hitch Style’s are an awesome way to make your friction hitches and offer more than our sewn versions. If you aren't sure on the exact length you need you can just order a longer one than you think is needed and then adjust the knots accordingly to make sure you always have a perfect fit. We also chose to do a tied version of our friction hitches because we know some of our customers like the way they look. With a cool look, adjustability, strong MBS, and various different lengths and styles to choose from you just can't go wrong with these Tied Friction Hitches. 

Depending on the Cordage you are looking at for the Tied Friction hitches here are the MBS ratings:

6mm TRC Cordage MBS: 3,484 lb/15.5 Kn

6mm Black/Desert Camo Sterling Accessory cord MBS: 1,978 lb/8.8 Kn

5.9mm Black PowerCord: 4,429 lb/19.7 Kn