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Hybrid BEASTEE D-Ring Sewn Tenders

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The Hybrid BEASTEE D-Ring Sewn Tenders are some of the coolest tenders we have. Featuring 1/2 inch Nylon Webbing, one 3/4 Inch BEASTEE D-Ring, and one 10mm D-Ring. The reason for different style D-Rings is for keeping everything tight, flush, and overall good looking. The BEASTEE D-Ring will be used on the rope itself by simply slipping the rope through the hole which fits up to a 9mm rope. However, the hole is smaller than an average sized carabiner's girth which is why we added the 10mm D-Ring to the other side. This allows for you to still be able to clip your carabiner in. This works fantastic with 6mm-9mm ropes.