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Hang Free

Hang Free 'Vital' Saddle (Back In Stock Soon)

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We are slightly modifying the 'Vital' as well as getting stock built up so we can get these saddles out to our customers as soon as they order. We expect to have them back in stock and available for purchase in early June. To stay up to date on our saddles and new sewn gear, follow our social media accounts linked at the bottom of our website. 

Features of the new, revised, 'Vital' Saddle:

- Adjustable in every way possible to maximize comfort. 

- Built in Lineman's Loops that are low profile and feed right into Molle Webbing for hanging your gear. The way we put them in streamlines the Lineman's Loops so they dont get in your way once you are attached to your Tether and generally have a much lower chance of catching on anything around you.

- Raised Molle Webbing on the bottom of the saddle to make clipping on carabiners, or other gear such as your gear hoist much easier and faster. The raised Molle Webbing on the bottom of the 'Vital' makes clipping on a gear hoist a dream. It also keeps the hoist line off your legs and out of the way as to not get caught on sticks or wrapped up in your other gear. 

- The 'Vital' comes stock with a built in zipper running from end to end. This allows for you to keep the saddle off your legs and butt when making long walks to your spots. The zip feature keeps you much cooler as you walk to the stand meaning you wont be sweating bullets quite the same as in the past. Zipping up the saddle also keeps the overall profile slim and less cumbersome, meaning you get caught on less brush, and lowers your overall footprint in the woods.  

- Breathable yet water proof up to 500 PSI.

- Self healing fabric from any small punctures, pricks, or nicks. Poke a small hole in your saddle accidentally? No problem! Just take your fingers and rub over the spot and that small hole will be no more. The regenerative fabric we use for each one of our saddles will take care of that problem for you!

- 1.3 lbs when fully loaded. 

*One size fits most. Full size panel will be available upon saddles release*