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Hang Free™

'Carry On' Saddle Bag

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The new 'Carry On' Saddle Bag is an ultra-lightweight, minimalist saddle bag, made for the run and gun saddle hunters who want a smaller profile in the woods. As the name says, this bag is more for your accessories or smaller items like a carry on bag for a flight. Keep one 8' lineman's or tether up to 10mm in diameter in this bag or smaller accessories like gear hangers/hoists, phone, carabiners, and much more.

The Carry On Bag also allows for you to easily attach it to your pack or belt via the slots on the back of the bag, cinch it down with a compression strap, and your ready to go. The 'Carry On' allows you to keep a lightweight, small profile, easy run and gun bag. It doesn't get much better than this! 

Size: 8" Long x 5.5" wide. 

Weight: 1.7 ounces

Made in house right here in the USA!