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Hang Free

Hang Free 'Go' Saddle Bag (Coming Soon)

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Expected to release in early June 2023 (this is subject to change) along with various other products including our new 'Challenger' saddle, revised 'Vital' saddle, revised 'Tree Stand Saddle', and much more. To best stay up to date on the new release, follow our social media accounts linked to the bottom of our website. 

The Hang Free™ 'Go' Saddle Bag is a perfect medium sized saddle bag ready for any saddle. Offering an extra pocket on the outside of the saddle bag on both the front and back, maximizes its carrying capacity and your storage area allowing for smaller accessories and items to be held in the outside pockets. These pockets are tight to the main bag body and will hold items for you securely. 

Designed to hold either one larger Tether or Lineman's or two smaller 8mm Tether and Lineman's with extra pocket for gear hoists, carabiners, or other small accessories.  Put your gear into the Hang Free™ 'Go' Saddle Bag and hit the woods. Your now ready for anything thrown your way!

Made in house right here in the great USA! We do all of our sewing in house to ensure the highest quality products for our customers!