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AmSteel®-Blue Attachment For Hype Innovate Versa Climbing Sticks

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This AmSteel®-Blue Attachment System is for the Hype Innovate Versa Sticks. 

Made with 1/8 AmSteel®-Blue for the main line, 7/64 AmSteel®-Blue for the friction hitch, and 7/64 AmSteel®-Blue for the Prusik Tender. Also comes stock with two flat hooks, which are the exact ones found on the cam buckle straps Hype Innovate offers. The flat hooks simply slip into the slots on the Versa Sticks and the AmSteel®-Blue Mod will function like every other mod we offer! 

The Prusik Tender allows for an easy one hand adjustments. The Castration Band (Green band) keeps the Tender and Prusik very close together, allowing for the least amount of slack possible between them when the attachment is being cinching tight. 

This AmSteel®-Blue Versa Stick Attachment Mod will come ready to go for use, no buckles will need to be added or purchased separately. 

Working load of 320 lb. 

Note: Make sure to check strap before and after every climb. Keep away from sharp edges of sticks, stands, or platforms. AmSteel®-Blue can and may be cut from rubbing on sharp edges of sticks, stands, platforms, or other metal objects. It is your responsibility to check the integrity of the attachment mod before and after every climb.