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AmSteel®-Blue X DynaGlide Gear Hanger

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Now offering a brand new, super light, extremely strong, very versatile gear hanger to our lineup! 

Made from AmSteel®-Blue, DynaGlide, Tri-Glide Buckles, and Castration bands. This is a super light weight gear hanger that can do it all! 

This Gear Hanger includes:

- 1/8 Full Bury Main Line with an Austrialpin "Tri-Glide" Buckle girthed hitched onto the main lines fixed loop.

- Two 7/64 Full Bury Continuous Loops, one (8") is used for cinching the strap tight to the tree by going over the Tri-glide buckle, and the other (6") is used for holding up your bag.

- Three 8" Full Bury DynaGlide Loops (Green) with Plastic Tri-Glides girthed hitched to the end for hanging other gear/accessories. Simply use the Tri-Glide Buckles girth hitched to the DynaGlide loops to go through any gear you need held up. Then place the plastic Tri-Glide back throughout the access of the Dynaglide loop to act as a girth hitch on your gear if you will. 

- Three castration bands (Shown on the top of the DynaGlide loops) to act as an extra cinching method to ensure the plastic Tri-Glide buckles never back out and allows the gear to come loose or fall off. 

Comes in either 6' or 8' length.