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Hang Free

9mm Sterling C-IV Deluxe One Stick/Rappel Kit

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Great One Stick/Rappel Kit for beginner, intermediate, and advanced one stickers. The perfect in-between kit for climbing easily, not breaking the bank, and safely and easily repelling out. There is a method to rappel with the Kong Duck Ascender and Super 8 Belay Device but that should only be done by advanced one stickers. That is the reason we included a tied Sterling 6mm TRC Prusik, if you are more of a beginner we advise using the prusik for your repelling backup. Whichever length you select will arrive with an additional 2’ of rope in order to account for tying on the quick link and adding a stopper knot to the other end. The DynaGlide will come as the same length as the C-IV with Spliced Eyes. 

Kit Includes:

-9mm Sterling C-IV (Orange or Green)

-Matching Color of DynaGlide

-Kong Duck Ascender

-One Black Diamond Oval ScrewLock Carabiner to be used with the Kong Duck

-One Black Diamond HotForge ScrewLock Carabiner for repelling

-One Black Diamond Super 8 Belay Device

-One 8mm Steel Screw Link

-One Sterling 6mm TRC Tied Prusik Loop. 

Note: All One Stick Kits should be used in conjunction with a lineman's Belt to ensure you are connected or clipped in to the tree at all times.