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9mm C-IV Tether & Lineman's Package

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Our 9mm C-IV Tether and Lineman’s Package deal is an awesome Tether and Lineman’s combo at a discounted rate, when bought together. 

Both Tether and Lineman's come stock with 6" Tied Eyes which is perfect for both Tether and Lineman's applications.

Both the Tether and Lineman’s come with a AmSteel Blue X  D-Ring Tender for easy one hand adjustment. You're able to select the length, color, and your choice of prusik Cord/Color. For more information on both the Lineman's Belt and Tether you can check out their individual posts for a full description.  

Rope and Cord Specifications: 

Sterling C-IV has an MBS of: 4,663 lb/20.7 Kn

Sterling 6mm TRC Cord has an MBS of: 3,484 lb/15.5 Kn

Sterling 6mm Accessory Cord has an MBS of: 1,978 lb/8.8 Kn