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8mm Triad Bridge

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The 8mm Triad Bridge is the first non AmSteel®-Blue bridge we have released. This bridge is built with an 8mm Sterling Accessory Cord. The 8mm Accessory cord has a very durable sheath and is extremely lightweight. The schwabisch hitch is made from 3/16 AmSteel®-Blue which has a breaking strength of 4900 LB. Both the rope and AmSteel®-Blue are black in color, but the Amsteel has a more grey tint, making the overall look super sweet!

We have thoroughly tested this bridge and have loved the feel, diameter, weight, and durability it brings. There is a firm feel to the accessory cord and it slides nicely through the carabiner, allowing for easy access to weak side shots and more.

MBS Rating (lb) MBS Rating (kN)
3,506 15.6