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Hang Free

7/64 Cinch Aider

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Our 7/64 Single Step cinch Aider is great aider for easy removal, or attachment, to your sticks. You could leave them on your sticks, but we built this aider to allow you to easily remove them after a hunt.

The cinch aider features a 7” wide vinyl tubing step and a castration band for the cinching method. The rubber castration band, and the material that AmSteel®-Blue is built from allows for an effortless synch down!

The configuration is a large continuous loop. There are no tag ends, or loose ends, just a seamless and flush finish!

7/64 AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 1400 LB

Note: 7/64 Aider options have a thinner vinyl tubing step then our 1/8 options that have a fuel line step. The vinyl tubing will not stay open as well as the fuel line step but it will wrap up and have a lower profile on your stick overall.