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Hang Free

7/64 F8 Single Step Moveable Aider

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Comes stock with 8” wide vinyl tubing step.

The top loop is made to go around the top step or post of your climbing sticks. This allows the Aider to be grabbed on the way up the stick and moved to the next stick.

The final length will come to double the distance selected so that it can be attached to the top step. The top loop is 2” longer to account for the loss when attaching around top steps or post of your climbing sticks. We recommend that you measure the length from the bottom step to the top step of your climbing stick and order that same length.

7/64 AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 1400 LB

Note: 7/64 Aider options have a thinner vinyl tubing step then our 1/8 options that have a fuel line step. The vinyl tubing will not stay open as well as the fuel line step but it will wrap up and have a lower profile on your stick overall.