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Hang Free™

3/16 Full Bury Amsteel®-Blue Tether & Lineman Belts

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Our 3/16 Full Bury AmSteel®-Blue Tree Tethers and Lineman's Belts are one of the lightest and most popular Tethers & Lineman's we offer. Weighing just 3.5 ounces at the stock 8’ length.

Castration bands are used to keep the Prusik Tender close to the Prusik which allows for easier adjustment. An additional castration band is placed on the Eye of the Tether so you can keep it tight to the tree, even when it is not weight loaded.

Comes stock with 5" Spliced Eye, Prusik, and Prusik Tender. 

Safe Working Load of 450lb.

3/16 AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 4900 LB

Made in the USA.