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1/4 Full Bury Tree Tether and Lineman's Package

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The 1/4 Full Bury Tree Tether and Lineman Package is a great package deal for our 1/4 Full Bury Tree Tether and Lineman's belt at a discounted rate. .

Both the Tree Tether and Lineman's Belt have a Prusik Tender which makes the adjusting of the Prusik a one handed operation. These are castration banded to the prusik keeping it close and allowing for the easiest adjustment possible. 

The Tree Tether features an 8” fixed eye, double stopper knot, and a bungee loop on the end for wrapping up the Tether after your hunt.

1/4 AmSteel®-Blue once full buried is 9 to 10 millimeter diameter. 

Length options available. 

Prusik Tender color options available. 

Tree Tether Bungee Loop color options available.

1/4 AmSteel®-Blue MBS: 7700 LB

Both Tether and Lineman's have a working load over 500 lb.